Badger of Honor

The Coasters are in the Mythology Section

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Trouble, big trouble
Badger of Honor
The danger in watching Mythbusters with your preschoolers is that he will learn what a trebuchet is and start asking for one by name.

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I take your *cackle* and raise you a *ggiglesnort*.


I need to work with him on a good, maniacal laugh.

So help him build one this summer.

They make kits for small tabletop sized ones. Probably find one at the Museum of Science store, or Discovery Store.

Oohhh, there are a lot of resources there. This will be fun, and will probably make Whuffle more than a little nervous.

I totally want to help!

(as does probably half your friends' list... the other half will be saying things like "We already GOT one!" and "I'm sure we could improve that design with just a rocket pack, a banjo, and a packet of rhinestones..."

*giggle* *giggle* *giggle*

Built one! Baby's first siege weapon....

Sadly I was not able to find a trebuchet or similar kit at the craft store.

I love your preschooler, have I mentioned? :)

Trebuchet: Ask for it by name.

(Also, spell it correctly. It's French dammit)

Fixed. Auto-complete on my phone picked the other spelling.

Don't even need a kit. penk built one out of his son's TinkerToys once and named it "Tinky Flingy".

Note: you can also get a Cat - a - pult that comes with actual cats to fling (many vet offices have them to blow off steam). No cats are actually harmed with these toys, of course.

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