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Lemon Balm as yard cover?
Badger of Honor
Lemon Balm is astoundingly resilient. Once ONE of those buggers flowers that soil will forever harbor lemon balm seeds. I feed it to the rabbits. The gravely area on the side of the house that's still covered with rocky fill from rebuilding the porch is being taken over by lemon balm instead of grass. This works nicely for me, as it's lower maintenance. While it CAN be mowed, if you normally use one of the higher cutting settings on your lawnmower, you won't notice the difference. I'm tempted to replant the yard with lemon balm when my wife and I finally do something about it.

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Yep, lemon balm (and most anything else in the mint family) will take over your yard if you let it and even if you don't. I bet it would make tasty sorbet...

You have lemon balm?!

What you're not feeding to the rabbits, I'll eat!

Does it taste as good as it smells? Do you cook it or put it in a salad?

I'd forgotten what shrubby thing my mother-in-law gave me last summer (it died when I planted it in my garden, and I thought that was the end of it), but it's up and green now and definitely lemon balm.

In my all-too-limited experience it does taste as good as it smells; it makes a great tea and a very fresh pesto, and can be sliced into thin ribbons and put in a salad.

Oo, thanks -- yum! I'm planning to have lemon balm tea with my breakfast tomorrow! I turned my sorrel into pesto last week and still have some of it, so that'll be dinner.

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