Badger of Honor

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Well, SOMEONE dislikes me.
Badger of Honor
My cell phone just rang. The number was listed as "Unknown". I answered the call. After a few seconds of silence I heard a vaguely female, computer generated voice say, "Please die."

Then the call hung up.

W. T. F?

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That is seriously creepy.

if I don't know the # I don't answer. and if its super creepy, I just put a block on it through google voice.

btw awesome animation. that was the best part of the movie. :) we waited until 3 weeks to see it, phew!

Whoa...methinks it was a wrong number, but still.

I don't answer anonymous calls. I'm so sorry you got that creepy one. Ick.

Normally I don't either, but I was waiting for a call about my new glasses coming in.

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