Badger of Honor

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Caleb will remian out Friday
Badger of Honor
Caleb now has a fever of 100.8. Since, like me, he normally runs about 99 this isn't much if a fever, but combined with his lugubrious disposition, lack of energy, and miniscule appetite it spells "no school Friday." Whuffle will stay home with him in the morning, with her Father coming by later in the day so she can head into the office to wrap up payroll.

He's spent his day being cuddly and taking naps.

The kid is so tired he turned down chocolate.

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Oh no! If he turned down chocolate, that can only mean one thing--he's much sicker than you realize.

I hope he feels better soon.


I came down sick with something today, too. :( Sinus pressure and sore throat/ears. I turned down the chance to play in the pool today.

oh my! I hope he feels better. poor guy, he must be really sick if he's turning down sweets!

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