Badger of Honor

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Epic Code Fail
Badger of Honor
Something is wrong with the decryption code I've been given. I also think I have the wrong password.

I SHOULD be getting a database connection string. Instead I'm getting pho-Chinese and pseudo-Japanese characters that, when fed into Google translate, results in:

silk loincloth lagoon night filtration universal worship
Li wins responsibility herring Susumu!

Setting the source language to Chinese instead of Japanese produces more coherent results:

Zhen residential arrangements Vulgar doped
Kai promise She Qi Thickness cormorant makeup
latitude Dong
slander night diarrhea drawers
silk Drug test if the the the the Yong Nurse any wins the intestinal
the filter thou rust Amaranthus Han phthalocyanine
to trace the Jinmu Zhou
ashamed Yan callous Gang Hunyou basket
gull the sauce
ulterior the scratch?

This is, of course, for rather liberal definitions of "coherent."

None of this however is the database connections string I should be getting.
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Yeah, that looks wrong for several different definitions and levels of "wrong".


But much more interesting to READ than code...
although not really helpful.

Definitely NOT the droids you are looking for!

It's so much *longer* in Chinese!

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