Badger of Honor

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And so ends my brief flirtation with the iPhone
Badger of Honor
My Android phone had gotten long in the tooth, and was causing me frustration due to hardware limitations. Fortunately, or so I thought, I had access to an iPod 3G, assuming I could unbrick it. I managed to unbrick it and get it working on my cell carrier.

There were problems of course, the kind you expect when switching platforms, but overall it had a critical feature, enough internal memory to install and run the apps I wanted. I was not totally unfamiliar with iOS, thanks to having had an early iPod Touch for quite a while. While neither device could run the latest and greatest, the iPod could run a slightly newer version of iOS than the touch, meaning I could use iTunes file sync to copy ebooks to the iPhone.

All that came to an end today when half the screen stopped responding. Repeated reboots left the "slide to unlock" swipe non-functional. I can still "Slide to power down."

I've gotten the photos I took off the ancient phone and will re-flash it to wipe my data from it. From there I put the SIM back in my old Android  phone until I can get around to replacing it with another Android with more internal memory.

Anyone have any suggestion on getting the bottom half of the screen to respond to touch again?

  • 1 He's in Brighton. There's contact info there. Spencer uses him for all our phones, iPads, etc.

And I used him for my iPhone...

You meant iPhone 3G?

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