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Is it Baby Rabies When your Only Child Desperatly Wants a Sibling?
Badger of Honor
Hootiebird has been on a Blue's Clues kick, now that we've asked he lay off the Fistronaut for a while. He's also learned how to select the episode he wants to watch on Netflix. This has resulted in him focusing on a handful of episodes. Specifically the an episode about superheroes, and the ones where Mr Salt and Mrs Pepper have a second child, making Paprika a big sister.

This morning he was watching the episode where Baby Cinnamon is born with an intensity that made me think if he could write he would be taking notes. The Blue's clues episode was about what Blue wanted to do to welcome the new baby to the house and (Spoiler Alert!) the answer is she wants to sing a song. At the point in the episode where they get the third clue and start figuring out what Blue wants to do, Hootiebird jumped off the couch and, without taking his eyes off the TV, grabbed the electric keyboard Whuffle's father had given him and turned it on. He then started to play it when Steve and company started singing to baby Cinnamon. He was very focused and deliberate. I've never seen him approach a musical instrument so seriously.

when the episode ended he came into the kitchen and insisted upon giving Whuffle and I a concert. Instead of just pushing the buttons and goofing around the way he normally does, he got frustrated when he didn't get it "right."

I'm glad Whuffle's Dad is planning to teach him to actually play the keyboard. He's certainly motivated to give it his all.

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He caught baby rabies from himself!

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