Badger of Honor

Epic Parenting?

This past weekend my son's school had their Spring concert. His class sang a medley of "It's a Wonderful World" and "Over the Rainbow." Today he asked for the medley for his iPod. I didn't have a copy of the medley, but I had the individual songs, including multiple versions of "It's a Wonderful World." I loaded all of them onto his iPod.

He's decided that his favorite version is by The Ramones. He now wants more Ramones.

A friend on Facebook suggested this might be the medley Caleb wanted.

Based upon what I heard at the concert and Caleb's brief description I suspect this is it. Now I can get him a copy! He will be very happy.
Badger of Honor

A Superman comic made me cry today.

Today is the burial for our bunny Lookout. She died in the Winter, and the ground has thawed enough for her burial at the pet cemetery.

In the Superman comic I read, "Superman: Earth One Vol. 2" Clark Kent relates the story of saving a kitten from wolves. It's family had just been eaten. It was next, it had already lost an eye. After the rescue, the cat proceeded to spend most its time positioning itself so it would watch Clark. One of their favorite things to do was sit on the porch watching the moon together. The cat LOVED the moon. After a long life, it died, and Clark flew to the moon to bury her there, so he could look up at her every time he looked at the moon. He related that "It was the first time someone I really loved died."

There's more to the story, but those are the parts that had be crying this morning as I thought about them and about Lookout's impending burial.
Badger of Honor

The Changing Schools Blues

My son will be moving to the public school system in September. This morning while putting on his coat and boots, he improvised a Blues song about it, bemoaning how he would "go to a new school and not see my old friends everyday anymooooore!"

He seemed to be in key, in tune and was improvising to an actual blues tune.
Badger of Honor

Glory from the Buffyverse vs The Hulk

The Hulk has the edge in raw strength and durability. We see this in the beating Glory takes when Buffy is wielding the troll hammer. Yes she's already been softened up a bit, but Hulk spars with Thor for fun.

Glory is a speedster. We see glimpses of this, especially in her pursuit of Dawn and Buffy.

Glory can't brain suck Spike, and I doubt she'd be able to get the Hulk to stand still to suck his brain even if she could suck his gamma soaked noggin. She might be able to brain suck Banner. We know the conditions of Banner's transformation into the Hulk influences the Hulk's intelligence and stability. A brain sucked Banner might result in a completely out of control Hulk, which Glory, being incredibly arrogant, will probably underestimate at first. A completely out of control Hulk determined to beat her to a pulp won't be as intelligent an adversary, but subtlety and strategy aren't really part of his toolkit to begin with.

The Hulk's transformation heals a LOT of damage. Could it restore a brain sucked Banner? If so, would this "Create a hole," the way it did when Willow restored Tara's mind?
Battle Bunny

Were they scared or bored?

Hootiebird and I are home sick today. I just got a call from the "We're calling about your Windows computer" con artists. It's amazing how easy it was to provoke them into spewing out of strings of incoherent insults. When one person ran out of half remembered insults they passed the phone to the next grifter. I'm pretty sure they were just repeating back fragments other people had hurled at them. One of them asked me what I was doing home if I wasn't a loser. I told him I was not home, but at work, where I replaced the barrels on guns. He asked why anyone would want to do that, and I told him to ask his bosses at the call center as I was "sure you work for the kind of people who would know."

There was a few seconds of rapid discussion in what I suppose was their native tongue, followed by the call being disconnected.
Badger of Honor

Don't Ride Your Bike On The Sidewalk

I really HATE the cyclists who ride on the sidewalks in Harvard Square. Earlier this week one rammed my arm while I was exiting Dunkin Donuts. My coffee sprayed her liberally. She then had the nerve to try to chew ME out for the impact. She demanded I pay to have her formerly tan outfit dry-cleaned.

I yelled back, "You're riding a bike on the sidewalk, without a helmet and you just hit me. Wait a second while I call the cops."

She swore at me, hopped on her bike and rode off, STILL ON THE FUCKING SIDEWALK and nearly hit three more people as she left. I wish I'd been faster getting my phone out so I could get a picture.
Food, Waffles

A Plan Forms

I'm thinking of hosting monthly dinner parties where some or all of the dishes are vintage recipes that are a bit horror-inducing. The consequences of the dinners would be posted on a blog or compiled into a book.

Would you or anyone you know be interested in attending?

Do you have any family recipes you could contribute to the event?